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Safety is a top priority at Jenn Trucking Ltd - no job is worth doing unless it can be done safely.  Our COR Certified Safety Program has been designed to meet and exceed all Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation.  "We are continually making changes to better the Safety Program and it's a never ending process."


Among the many components, the program encompasses Safe Work Practices, Hazard Assessments, Pre-Job Safety Meetings, On-The-Job Training, and a comprehensive Accident Prevention Program.  The goal is to prevent workplace accidents, injuries and downtime through training employees to follow proper job procedures.  If they learn to recognize potential hazards and the methods to control/eliminate them, they can essentially stop accidents before they happen.


All equipment is subject to routine safety inspections, maintenance and mechanical certification.


Jenn Trucking is sensitive to environmental awareness and preservation.  We educate and train our employees to perform their jobs in an environmentally friendly manner.

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